Media Release January 2021

Calgary, AB: Early January Meghan Cosenzo published her new book "Getting Back to Zero". It goes through her journey from barely making ends meet to becoming debt-free in only 6 years.

Being an entrepreneur for 10 years, she was desperate to make her online business work and continued to throw money at ideas and marketing hoping to turn things around. 

Then came the tipping point, where she gave thousands of dollars to a professional marketing company to run ads and create videos only to receive zero in return. So she decided to close that chapter, sold her company, and started a new media venture helping entrepreneurs like herself get more confident in front of the camera create quality marketing videos.

Within just the first week of publishing "Getting Back to Zero", it is #1 on the Amazon Hot Releases Best Sellers List! 

Debt and money have a stigma that no one wants to talk about. A lot of people feel shame and guilt around these topics. "The idea of this book is to break the stigma around money issues. Like myself, people may find themselves in a place that feels broken, uncomfortable, and impossible to get out of. However, when you have the proper tools and support, anything is possible and you don't have to go at it alone," says Meghan.

She is currently building a workbook and a course to help people with accountability as an additional way to get the support they need with their money.


Meghan is spreading the news about her new book on Podcasts, Instagram Live Interviews, and is interested in being interviewed on Radio and TV to spread her message to help more people. 


#1 On Amazon After Just One Week!

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Retired Principal

I want to first say

congratulations! Meghan is an outstanding writer and has a great literary voice. As a retired educator, with a financially stable life, I really did appreciate the “thought-provoking" remarks at the end of each chapter. Even at my age, it has made me think of things I still want to accomplish! You have inspired me this morning! Meghan is extremely well-read and a very industrious lady...I have known you for years and now know and appreciate her so much more. I am very proud and know she will accomplish great things yet to come in her life!


Program Coordinator

Our organization has had the pleasure of working with Cosenzo Media several times over the past two years. Meghan has been collaborative, professional, and has provided us with several high-quality videos. Meghan has created video content for promotional campaigns, grant applications, and social media. Each video has successfully brought our vision to life and has helped to bring in over $30,000 in funding. We look forward to working with Cosenzo Media many times in the future.



I would like to share with you how happy I have been working with Meghan Cosenzo. She is a fantastic videographer. She has done quite a bit of work for me and some of my fempreneur friends and does a fantastic job. She is really great at asking awesome questions when you need a video that is going to help you get your story out there for your ideal clients or marketing purposes. She is just a true professional and has a ton of experience. She really helps you get comfortable in front of the camera and her editing work is top-notch. So definitely check her out, I can’t say enough good things about Meghan.

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Interested in Working with Meghan?

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About Meghan

I believe in changing lives through storytelling.

Whether it is through writing or video. I understand the importance of sharing your why. I too struggled with clarifying my message and getting it out there.

Being in business for over 10 years, I found myself feeling like a solo-entrepreneur. I was living a duo life and felt uncomfortable in front of the camera as myself. I was desperately throwing money at marketing and advertising hoping something will stick, and felt like I have to go at it alone… The great thing is you don’t have to.

I can help you share your story by asking the right questions and really focusing on your vision to connect with your clients on a deeper level. Imagine your brand and vision coming to life through video and written word.

If you feel called to connect with me. Reach out to find out more.