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How Do You Show Up In What You Do?

When you go through your day-to-day trying to balance business, work, and life. Do you go ALL IN? Do you show up as your BEST SELF?

If you are saying NO to the question above, don't feel bad, I've been there. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. It's not a matter of being perfect all of the time, but really BEING PRESENT. Being aware of how you are using your energy in the moment, and being mindful about what is happening in the now. ENERGY IS EVERYTHING.

Most of us go through life not being present at all. We are always thinking about the next best thing and we forget to actually show up and be present in the moment we are experiencing. How many of us go out to lunch and find ourselves elsewhere? Still working, answering emails, answering texts, browsing through social media?

When you neglect actually being present and aware, chances are you will end up showing up as a half version of yourself in different areas.

If you are juggling life, at some point, something is going to fall off. And when this starts to happen, when you are trying to be everywhere at once, things may begin to fall through the cracks… Triggering feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and stress.

Nowadays you may believe that being able to show up as your best self in every aspect of your life is impossible or only available for the privileged. Or if we aren’t able to do it 100% of the time, then we feel we are somehow failing at life. And I don’t have to tell you how much of a lie that is...

The truth is you can’t do it all, however you can be 100% committed to certain tasks at a given time.

Showing up 100% sometimes means asking for help from your friends, partner or family. Sometimes it means switching your priorities, sometimes it means not looking at your phone, sometimes it means delegating, sometimes it means saying no, sometimes it means creating boundaries you are comfortable with. Other times it can be just about creating a schedule and sticking to it.

So get clear and focused on what’s important to you, and what it means to go ALL IN. Then create a strategy or plan on how to get there step by step.

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