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Everyone knows that December is a bit of an odd month when it comes to businesses that are just starting out or are relatively small. A lot of people go on holidays and most don’t return until the beginning of the next year. Their attention is completely invested in the holidays, family, gifts, and not much more than that.

So, what does that mean to you as a small business owner?

Should you shut down and wait for January to come around like everyone else?

The short answer is:


December is the perfect month for you to get planning, to start assessing, and to start drafting out your next moves for the upcoming year.

While things may seem slow, remember that all that extra time you have should be devoted entirely to hatching ideas, planning out strategies, and setting goals for what you want the next year to look like.

So before you start bindgewatching those Christmas movies, take your notebook or open up a google doc and start writing about what you want 2022 to be like… What are your goals? What do you want to do in your business? What should you invest in? How should you invest it? There are so many questions you need to answer and so many things you have to do and guess what YOU ACTUALLY HAVE THE TIME TO DO THEM!

While everyone else is slowing down and thinking about starting again in January, you are already going to have a huge advantage!

So get thinking, get crafting, get planning!

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