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Creating content for social media isn’t always easy. There are a lot of things you need to consider and it’s totally normal if you feel lost when it comes to getting started, especially when you are doing it on your own. However, here are a few tricks and tips that will help you get going.

Create Larger Videos.

Reels and TikTok videos are short and depending on the platform you’ll be using, the time you have to convey your idea will change. TikToks will go from 15, 30, 60 seconds to 3 minutes and Reels will give you 60 seconds. However, the easiest way to create a bunch of content is by taking a large video and then making shorter versions of that, so you have multiple posts about the same subject you are an expert on.

Do Some Research.

It is always a good idea to take a look at the hashtags your niche or industry is using and see what kind of videos are getting the most likes or the most views, what audios are on the rise, what challenges you might be able to incorporate into your content. And create based on that. Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just need to adapt what is already working to what you already know how to do.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

The camera lense, even if it’s just your phone, can be like a black hole that is threatening to swallow you up and it may be very intimidating. But remember, you are the expert there, the camera is just that, a camera. And like all things in life, it takes practice. So record videos, even if you don’t end up posting them. See what feels right, what makes you feel more comfortable, what seems more authentic and real to you and when you find it, stick to it.

Take My Video Personality Quiz! Okay, so you have to know that I have a video personality quiz that will help you understand the type of videos you should be creating according to your brand personality. That way you can make sure you stay true to you and your brand. Nowadays authenticity is key! And the easiest way to stay authentic is by leveraging your strengths as a brand and as a creator.

My quiz lets you see what areas of opportunity you should be emphasizing and what areas you might want to take a closer look at so you don’t miss out.

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