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Why you should jump in the Halloween Wagon.

Like most holidays nowadays, Halloween can be a huge opportunity for you and your business, even if you are not specifically catered to the holiday itself. While stores selling decorations or costumes might profit more from the holiday, you can still make an impact with your audience and leverage the magic October has for everyone.

Above all, jumping into holiday wagons allows you to play with your creativity and dare to create something unique to your business, to your brand, and your message using a language that is already popular and understood by a vast majority of people.

From letting your customers enjoy the pumpkin spice flavor everything or just getting creative with fun word play that will help you stay in the loop. There is always something you can do to make sure your profit from one of the most popular holidays out there.

Here are a few extra ideas for you: Create an online costume competition with your clients and offer an amazing prize for the winner, it could be a 1-on-1 session with you, a special access to your latest course, a bundle of your ebooks. You can also join forces with other creators to offer up an even bigger prize for the lucky winner!

Decorations! Maybe you have recently opened your business again, so welcome your customers back by creating a Halloween theme decoration all around the place they already love! Haven’t opened yet? Or you are an online business? Decorate your insta grid and your webpage! And make sure you use Halloween hashtags!

Creating a pop-up event, although expensive, can help you leverage the date too. You can find a way to host a pumpkin carving contest, a creepy drink bar, or even host a party. Everyone has end of year Christmas parties, be different!

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